Traveleze 15ml

Traveleze 15ml

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Motion sickness is a common ailment affecting 1 in 4 pets.  Symptoms can be unpleasant and distressing; but can you imagine sitting back and enjoying your dogs company for the whole road trip?

Fortunately TravelEze may offer a fast-acting, all natural solution for travel and can support the symptoms associated with travel anxiety. TravelEze is a non-drowsy formula so you can enjoy your dog’s company the entire day.

TravelEze combines the soothing power of Ginger, Withania and Chamomile to naturally soothe your pet’s stomach and provides all passengers (not just the 4-legged ones) a more comfortable ride!

Key features:

  • Fast acting results
  • All-Natural travel formula which is safe and gentle
  • Great value (Up to 25 trips per bottle)
  • Suitable for dogs, cats and small animals