Seresto Collar for Dogs over 8 kg

Seresto Collar for Dogs over 8 kg

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Advantage Seresto for Dogs over 8 kg

Product Range Information

Seresto provides up to 8 months flea protection for dogs and cats and 4 months tick protection for dogs in a water-resistant1, innovative collar format.
•Treats and prevents flea infestations (adults & larvae) for up to 8 months in dogs and cats and controls ticks (paralysis, brown dog1 & bush ticks) for 4 months in dogs – offering the longest duration of activity against fleas and ticks in dogs and fleas in cats
•Water resistant
•Innovative, patented collar matrix with controlled release of active ingredients (imidacloprid & flumethrin)
•Can be used in puppies from 7 weeks and kittens from 10 weeks
•Parasites killed on contact rather than through biting host. Active ingredients localise in lipids on / in skin and on hair
•The Seresto Cat & Dog collars are designed with safety release mechanisms. In the unlikely event of a cat or dog being trapped, the pet’s own strength is sufficient to widen the collar to allow for quick release
•Can be easily combined with Drontal and Proheart SR-12 Injection (according to registered label directions) to offer a broad-spectrum parasite control protocol for dogs
•Newest addition to The Advantage Family

1. In Australia, Seresto is registered against larval, nymph and adult stages of the brown dog tick (R. sanguineus) on dogs and reduced viable egg production by female brown dog ticks (R. sanguineus)
2. Some limitations apply - refer to product label for full details