Kleo Ear Cleaner 100ml

Kleo Ear Cleaner 100ml

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Product Information

Kleo ear cleaner is an effective treatment for Otitis Externa in dogs. The antiseptic ear drops treat ear infection and prevent dogs from harmful infection. It removes excess ear wax and keeps ears to dry, which helps in controlling ear diseases. Kleo ear cleaner drops also controls ear odour.

How does it work?

The major ingredients Boric acid, Menthol, and Chlorothymol have the drying, cleansing and antiseptic effect on dog ears. It helps loosen hard ear wax and treats ear infection.


  • Shake the bottle before use.
  • Put 4 to 5 drops in the ear.
  • To remove ear wax, massage at the base of the ear then swap with cotton wool.

Key Benefits

  • Kleo ear cleaner is an antiseptic solution for dogs.
  • It helps in cleaning and drying dog ears and protect them harmful ear infection.
  • Works as antiseptic, Kleo ear cleaner treats Otitis Externa in dogs.  
  • This easy to apply ear drops helps removes ear wax and prevent ear problems. 


  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Store below 30 degree C.
  • Tightly close the container after use.


  • Do not use in ruptured or perforated eardrum.
  • Do not use in cats.

More Information

Target species Dogs
Mode of application Topical
Key Ingredients Boric acid, Menthol, Chlorothymol
Manufacturer Pharmachem
Brand Kleo