Treats, Treats & Treats

Could you imagine a life without chocolate? Well treats are like chocolates for dogs (Only healthier & a lot less calories!). Our furry kids love treats, they are ideal for keeping your teething puppy happy, your dogs stimulated and teeth clean.
Liver treats and treats like lamb puff are great for obedience training as you want to be able to break it into smaller pieces so it is a quick chew for your dog.
Harder, chewy treats are ideal for pups and dogs that like to chew. For teething pups try things like pigs ears, veal scrolls, roo tendons, lamb tendons, snouts, bully chews, moo tubes as they are not only irresistible, they keep our pups busy and are a great way for them to get their teeth into something.
For when you are out at work or have to be away for longer than normal, an ideal way to keep the fur family busy it is time to bring out the shop stoppers such as cow hooves, goat horns and antlers. These guys can last months and months and a great for dogs of all sizes.
We have a huge range of treats and you will find that there is something to please everyone (and perhaps even the cat!).