Car Sickness Tips

CAR TRAVEL SICKNESS TIPS – Some pups love the car and some take their time getting used to it, every pup is different.  Take your time adjusting them to the car and start with small trips and build up on them. (Always make sure it isn’t just after they have eaten). Our girls love the car, if I am not planning on taking them with me I have to pick up the keys so slowly as to not make any noise because once my girls hear the car keys they are so excited and think we are off on some adventure.  Our Riley didn’t have a great start in the car and was car sick on her first trip.  We had a golden retriever who we couldn’t take anywhere as she got so sick in the car and couldn’t deal with that again so I took my time with Riley.

Make sure they are hungry when you put them in the car and I have them buckled in in their car harness in the front passenger seat next to me and hold a roo tendon in my hand.  I make a fist around it with just the top of it poking out so the pup is aware of what is there.  They are so occupied with trying to get to the treat that they forget about being in the car.  Do this over a period of time and build up your trips.  If you have a full car, have someone in the backseat hold the treat, it doesn’t matter who, it is just a tool of distraction for them and helps them make a positive association with the car. Riley is beside herself with excitement now about the car and is a sight to passing cars as she hangs out the window and looks hilarious with her coat flapping about in the wind.

There are a few other products on the market like traveleze drops and visit our 'Health & Wellbeing' page for more items that may assist to help your dog.

Remember to keep the first few trips short and do this each time and then I gradually move them to the back seat once they are accustomed to the car.  Just take your time with it as I said every dog is different and they all do things at their own pace.