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some puppy tips!

Treat Time!

We love love love treats, especially the long lasting ones they are great for teething pups and help your pup and dogs stay stimulated and busy.  Use treats like liver treats for day to day training and rewarding good behaviours, Long lasting treats like antlers, cow hooves, tendons, pigs ears for when you have to leave your pup/dog as this will keep them busy and stimulated and help prevent destructive behaviours.

Keeping your pup in a healthy weight range

It is important to ensure your pup is not over fed as this can lead to weight gain and put unnecessary pressure on their hips and joints.  Always factor treats into your pup's daily food allowance. Premium foods are always the best as the pup absorbs more and the output is less and they will have a feeding guide on the packet for you to follow.

Introducing your pup to their fur family!

Always supervise new pups around older dogs. Puppies don't always have the best doggie manners and while older dogs can help teach them they don't always a puppy jumping all over them.  Some pups and older dogs hit it off right away but if they don't, give them time and the older some space or the puppy some time out if the puppy gets too excited, (don't always assume all dogs will hit it off straight away).  Every dog and pup is different and you just have to let them work it out and take their time and always be on hand to supervise.

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